Project: International Ethics Microsite
Client: Hildebrand Creative / Abbott Labs Office of Ethics & Compliance
 Creative direction, writing, project management
Communicating to an international audience can get very expensive very quickly. The previous year, Abbott’s Office of Ethics & Compliance created calendars that cost more to ship than this entire microsite cost to create.
We recommended this approach: a microsite featuring short videos and converted PowerPoint presentations that could easily be updated, region by region, into different languages. The site also features a back-end administrative section allowing regions to do the translations themselves for additional cost savings.


To see interview videos, click on image above, then on the "In Our Region" button.

Project: Recruitment Video
Client: Total Event Resources
Role: David Hall, Writer / Producer
A one-day trip to Las Vegas and 4 hours to interview small business owners - that was all the time there was to gather the content for this short but powerful recruitment video.

Shot against a green screen, the dynamic and colorful background was added in post production to give the video a high energy feel.




Project: National Sales Meeting
Total Event Resources
 Creative direction, scriptwriting, editing, graphic design
The goal was to revive and re-energize an annual meeting of franchised business owners by producing a thoroughly exciting, memorable and professional event. Video cameras were sent to the top producers across the country, along with a set of questions. Each producer set up their camera and recorded their answers. That footage was edited into nine topical videos that expanded on the meeting’s theme, as well as other relevant business strategies. Audience members loved the change of pace and appreciated hearing real-world, practical suggestions from owners like them.


Project: National Awards Banquet Teaser
Total Event Resources
David Hall, Writer/Producer - Interviewing, scriptwriting, editing
The client requested a "Boardwalk Empire" inspired teaser encouraging members to attend an awards banquet in Chicago. We flew to New Orleans and interviewed the main honoree, from which we produced this teaser as well as several tribute videos shown at the event.



Project: "Get to Know" Name Change Videos
Hildebrand Creative / Macrovision Solutions (now Rovi)
Alison Hall - Writing, interviewing, project management and translation supervision
Macrovision acquired more than five well-known brands, including TV Guide, and divested itself of several others, leaving a workforce and clientele wondering: Who is Macrovision and what do they do?
We wrote and produced a 1-hour  presentation that was shown to employees around the world on Day 1 of the new company. A full campaign of lenticular postcards, emails and targeted microsites invited clients and prospects to "Get to know the new Macrovision." Through the use of personalized URLs, each recipient's response could be tracked and forwarded to the sales staff. Sites were also translated into Spanish and Japanese.


To see interview videos, click on this link and click on the "What's In It for You?" button.
Project: Rovi NASDAQ Opening
Client: Hildebrand Creative / Rovi Corporation
Alison Hall, Writing, Interviewing

As part of the name change from Macrovision, Rovi Corporation executives were scheduled to ring the bell to open NASDAQ this summer day in New York. As lead interviewer, I discussed the event and the company's direction with the top executives, and spent a good portion of the day in the middle of Times Square interviewing passersby on their entertainment preferences. 






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