I will just tell you straight out that you are always our first call for a freelance project.
– Brand Manager
Alison consistently delivers top quality creative work. She is able to ask the right questions and penetrate beyond the jargon and navel-gazing to generate the ‘a-ha moments’ that make marketing an exciting contributor to business success.
– Director of Marketing, SilkRoad


Alison’s ideas are fresh, aggressive and well planned. Her approach to a project is both enthusiastic and targeted. Alison has an uncanny knack for quickly recognizing a prospective client’s perception of their product or service – a talent which is at a premium in an aggressive new business campaign.

– Art Director, Threshold Productions

Alison is intelligent, clever, direct, humorous and highly trusted by her colleagues and clients. She has the exceptional ability to consistently develop innovative ideas and execute them flawlessly. She has all the prerequisites to lead a creative team. Alison works with an intuitive sense for client needs and backs up her ideas with creative strategy, exceptional written and verbal communication skills, and experience. As an Art Director, I can always depend on Alison to push the creative to the next level. She takes out the predictable solutions and gives you the projects you became a designer for in the first place.

– Art Director, Lynn Granstrom Designs

We have been fortunate to have had Alison’s careful eye and willingness to push clients and projects to their fullest potential. As a writer, she's been able to elevate our service offerings and has consistently demonstrated being a team player. She has also worn many hats, sometimes without knowing where things would lead.
– Partner, PVI Ltd. 
Alison is not only a great writer, she is very creative too. My experience with Alison is that she has a unique ability to quickly come up the learning curve on any topic and then be able to develop compelling and interesting copy.

– Project Manager, Caremark

I can't say enough about Alison and the writing she does. She also brings more to the table than her excellent writing skills, she works from the perspective of a creative director to make sure her words match the visual style of whatever project she is immersed in. Her work ethic is outstanding and always delivers results beyond expectation. I have always enjoyed working with her and I highly recommend Alison to anyone in need of outstanding clarity and prose for their multimedia communications.  

– Principal, Focus Partners

Alison is certainly one of the most talented writers/creative directors I have had a chance to work with in this industry. Not only is she an outstanding writer, she's very effective developing strong creative. But from my point of view, she is excellent at contributing to the sales process. I spent two years closing nearly $1.5 million worth of work exclusively with her help, from strategy, concepts, proposal writing, to pitching and closing.
– President, Hildebrand Creative Group
Ms. Hall is a remarkably quick study, able to absorb complicated concepts and direction with relative ease…. Beyond her writing skills, Alison has exhibited a flair for truly clever yet completely relevant creative and concept development. And to top it off, her attention to detail – even under the tightest deadlines or while juggling a huge number of variables – has proven invaluable to us.

– President, Schram Advertising

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