What do you look for in marketing communications?
What a coincidence: that's what we do.
We're experienced marketing professionals who create imaginative, insightful and effective marketing communications that will reach – and resonate with – your target audiences.
We work in virtually all media - print, video, web, social media, events - which makes it easy for us to weave diverse threads together into an integrated, strategic marketing campaign.
Our years as writers, producers and designers point us toward solutions that are strategic and content-driven. We ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers. Get to the heart of the matter. Determine exactly who you are talking to. And uncover the messages that will drive them to action.
We'll pinpoint client needs quickly, keep projects on target and within budget, and encourage team efforts – all while maintaining our cool.
Bottom line? We get it. Then we do it. Quickly. Accurately. Even elegantly.

To see our samples, you need a password. Email us at AlisonInk@comcast.net or call 312-354-0152.

Here's something else we've been up to.... Cameron Stuart Jewelry on Etsy.
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