Project: Marketing Campaign
Client: Millennium Trust Company
Role: Creative direction, strategy, writing, project management
Millennium Trust Company is a multi-billion dollar financial custody firm. Most people do not understand what they do, which is why most of their marketing materials had always focused on features rather than benefits.
After interviewing the sales force, AlisonInk along with Connor J Design, developed a new branding campaign that distilled their benefit statement down to two words: DO MORE. When institutions and Advisors work with Millennium Trust, it frees them up to do more for their clients, because Millennium expertly handles all the custody and administration on the account.
The theme and visuals had to work with other marketing materials still in use, which was achieved in part by retaining the orange dot; it also had to encompass  multiple service offerings, which was achieved by the four bullets along the orange curved line.

Project: Rebranding/Website Launch
Client: Total Event Resources
Role: Concept, writing, project management
After 4 months of preparation, the new logo and website for this successful event company were ready to be revealed. But how? The switch to Daylight Savings Time provided the perfect opportunity. 
Two emails were sent out, reminding clients of the time change happening March 11. Our client received many nice notes thanking her for the reminder. Only one or two recipients caught that something else was changing too.
The third email sent the Monday after the time change revealed the trick - it wasn't just the time change the emails were talking about; they were hinting that other big changes were coming - a whole new brand and website. Design by: Andiamo Creative.

SAMPLE RESPONSE: "Congrats on the very clever way to announce your new website. 
I got a laugh out of the time change announcement and then today's web change."



Project: "Get to Know" Name Change
 Macrovision Solutions (now Rovi)
Microsite (requires Flash)
 Writing, interviewing, project management and translation supervision
Macrovision acquired more than five well-known brands, including TV Guide, and divested itself of several others, leaving a workforce and clientele wondering: Who is Macrovision and what do they do?
We wrote and produced a 1-hour  presentation that was shown to employees around the world on Day 1 of the new company. A full campaign of lenticular postcards, emails and targeted microsites invited clients and prospects to "Get to know the new Macrovision." Through the use of personalized URLs, each recipient's response could be tracked and forwarded to the sales staff. Sites were also translated into Spanish and Japanese.



Project: Marketing Program
Client: Imaging4Pets Mobile Ultrasound
Role: Creative direction, writing, project management
Imaging4Pets is a new business with a new business model - mobile ultrasound services that travel to the vet's office on an as-needed basis. They contracted with AlisonInk for their branding and marketing development. We created an attractive logo and color palette, developed their pet-friendly website, and produced two brochures - one for vets, the other for the pet's family.




Project: Product Marketing
Client: Ameriglyphics
Role: Historical writing
This was fun! A client from 10 years ago looked us up on Facebook and asked us to help market a new product she and her husband were developing: Sterling silver jewelry, made entirely in the USA, that tells the story of America through simple icons. Our job was to tell the story of each icon as accurately and concisely as possible. Partial payment was one of their beautiful cuff bracelets.  We also wrote much of the content for their website at


Project: Ethics Games
Client: Hildebrand Creative
 Project management, writing, creative development
Ethics & Compliance Departments face a unique challenge: how to break down barriers and build rapport with an audience that fears them? We came up with a unique and wildly successful solution - games! Fun, raucous, competitive games based on ethics and compliance issues.
Used at company meetings and internal events, these games have helped dozens of national and international companies communicate ethics while also encouraging employees to relax and talk to ethics officers.
These interactive event games are now licensed for use by Ethics & Compliance departments all across the US.



Project: Multilevel Website Launch
Client: Caremark (now CVS/Caremark)
Role: Strategy, writing, client contact
Caremark, a pharmaceutical benefits manager, wanted to position their expanded portal as an essential healthcare tool for plan participants. The campaign courted benefits managers in a series of interesting ways: a flash email; a microsite; an oversized prescription bottle filled with candy; and a CD featuring easy-to-use promotional materials for participants. The entire program consisted of 23 separate components.
The program was launched in four phases over five months to more than 1,900 client-companies. The project exceeded every metric originally established by the client. The toolkit was used by more than 68% of the benefits managers and reached more than 1.5 million plan participants. The conversion rate to the new web site was more than three times the intended goal.



Project: Specialty Pharmacy Kits
Client: Caremark (now CVS/Caremark)
Role: Writing, project management
Caremark needed to communicate detailed medical and lifestyle information to patients with serious illnesses.
A convenient packet was developed that contained 5 folders with inserts, a booklet, refrigerator magnet and a pocket card. These packets would be sent to new patients, giving them a complete overview of their illness, lifestyle suggestions, medication information and contact information so they could reach nurses at their local Caremark Specialty Pharmacy branch if they had questions.
The entire program addressed 17 different disease states. Local branches were sent only the contents for those disease states that they serviced. Each packet could be customized to a patient’s unique needs.
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